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Custom Made Mascots

Our mascots are the best in the business and give your team, school, or company a, real life, personality. Creations begin with a concept that is created specifically for you. Once a precise illustration has been achieved, our highly talented team brings your concept to life.

The result is an amazing, custom designed, mascot - portable advertising at its best!

Our mascots are lightweight, comfortable, and actor friendly. We make our mascots very durable and we pay close attention to detail.

We also give suggestions for marketing, advertising, and branding. Your mascot can be the face of your school or business!

We ship worldwide and within Canada is free.

Custom Mascots

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We'll take your ideas and make a detailed illustration...

We take the time to draw out your ideas and have our professional illustrator create detailed drawings.

No problem, We are very creative and will work with you to come up with a concept that best suits your needs!

Give us a call or text if you have any questions: 902.423.6869

Kinkora High PEI Custom Designed Mascots quality design to execution illustration comparison drawing sketch idea Halifax

Then we'll make the illustration a reality!

Next, we can evolve that drawing, moving forward to the creation stage. There, we will bing these ideas to life!

We love taking two demential sketches and making three demential, life-like, characters. This is the perfect marketing tool for your business or event!

High School Mascots are fantastic way to increase school spirit and school pride!

Mascot Cleaning and Repair

Have your mascot clean and pristine for every event. Your mascot is your company's image and branding is everything!

Mascot repairs:

Need your mascot repaired? ...accidents happen. No problem, we can fix that!

Our team repair mascots from top to bottom and can solve almost any problem.

Whether you need a little extra stitching, an new pair of eyes or extra set of

hands, you've come to the right place!

Have your mascot and your brand looking their best in the

public eye.

We even have a cleaning and maintenance program.

Pick up and delivery included, in Halifax metro, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville.

We do everything from custom-built mascots to mascot cleaning and mascot repairs.

We ship worldwide and shipping in Canada is free.

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Penguin Mascot

Spartan Mascot

Bee Mascot

Squid Mascot

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Mascot Drummie

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