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Santa at a Mall

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Santa Claus

Do you remember when you were a child and bursting with enthusiasm because there was only one more sleep before Santa Claus arrived?

The magic of Christmas is still alive and is stronger than ever! We have a direct line to Santa Claus, at the North Pole.

Santa arrives in his pristine, tailor-made, red suit with a beautiful embossed leather belt. His with matching leather boots, and his sleigh bells are made by his talented Elves, at Santa's workshop!

Santa tells stories, answers the children’s questions and sometimes randomly start singing Christmas songs.

Santa could arrive with gifts in his giant sack... with the children’s names on them, of course.

We never stop believing in you Santa!!

Shopping mall SANTA CLAUS:

Santa is perfect to make appearances in malls to increase traffic, marketing and social media by taking photos with the public!

Film and commercial SANTA CLAUS:

Our Santa is the real thing, he's not acting, you will be convinced too! He has been on TV promoting several different businesses in Nova Scotia.

Corporate SANTA ClAUS:

Maybe you’re having a Christmas party for your staff and need Santa to hand out gifts, improvise or host your Christmas function. Santa is fantastic with adults because they were kids once too!

Perfect for photo opportunities, for your staff Christmas cards, while having fun with your too!

Christmas functions, corporate functions, Christmas parties, staff parties, office parties, house parties, basically anywhere that needs Christmas spirit!

Lost the Christmas spirit? Santa can bring it back!

As far as we know, he is the real Santa!!!!!

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To book Santa:

Call (902) 423-6869

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